Happy Hour Chandelier is the original creator of this innovative and legendary concept in the field of art, hospitality, entertainment and design. This concept gives a glamorous and authentic touch to all sorts of events. The performance has been receiving continuous press coverage in many prominent magazines and has been front page news in several newspapers.

Happy Hour Chandelier performs worldwide for events such as award ceremonies, charity gala’s, corporate events, openings, international fashion shows, exceptional weddings, product launches, red carpet events, VIP parties and New Year’s Eve.

We like to be flexible; Happy Hour Chandelier can be there for a spectacular opening or bring a magical sparkle to an intimate celebration. Whether you ask for one Dancing Angel or ten, if you like the performance inside or in the open air, we guarantee it will be a huge success!

Happy Hour Chandelier will be more than happy to discover with you how we could present your own special product or brand in our performance. We can serve anything from champagne to freshly made cocktails, to all kinds of different types of spirits and liqueurs.

Or how about chocolates or caviar.....?